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Mwangaza Partnerships | Organization & Governance

Partnerships are central to Mwangaza in its organizational construct, governance, programmatic development, implementation and relationships.



  • Circular Diagram14 dioceses of the ELCT companioned with 14 synods of the ELCA form our relational foundation.
  • As a circular, not bi-lateral model, Mwangaza is unique in that the whole circle shares Mwangaza and it is this composite that strengthens our offerings.
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  • A Mwangaza Board of Directors (Tanzania) reviews budget and programs annually. Membership consists of rotating representation (6) from 14 dioceses, an ELCA representative and two at-large members.
  • Friends of Mwangaza, Inc., a 501(c)(3)
    non-profit, is the U.S. Board seeking financial, material and volunteer resources for the educational work in Tanzania.
  • The Mwangaza Management Team of three (two program coordinators, one bursar) manage all aspects of Mwangaza Centre's governance, providing reports to the Mwangaza Board.

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