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Mwangaza Partnerships | Programs & Implementation


  • Mwangaza StaffParticipants identify topics for all seminars.
  • Participants evaluate all seminars.
  • Student/participant-centered activities, dialogue, and participation are key components.
  • Seminar components are designed by Mwangaza staff in response to identified needs and in collaboration with US volunteers.


  • Tanzanian participants representing at least three dioceses attend seminars at Mwangaza Centre, thereby providing differing perspectives, yet commonalities in experience.
  • All participants trained at Mwangaza are expected to return to their particular constituency to teach others (TOT).
  • Monitoring and evaluating of programs by Mwangaza staff is strengthened in that the final analysis of specific programs is national in scope.

View the impact Mwangaza has had in the ELCA dioceses, 2010-2012.


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