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Givers make a difference in the lives of teachers and students, women and their families. Hear the testimonies from those directly involved in and influenced by Mwangaza's work:

Teacher Training through Mwangaza Partnership"Mwangaza schools are a step ahead because their teachers have received training in new methodologies. Mwangaza gives assistance to teachers that no other organization in Tanzania is providing." —Mathias Masesa, Kisarawe, 20 years of teaching, his first Mwangaza seminar

"If teachers really follow Mwangaza strategies, their students will attain excellent English language skills." —Ally Mwinyi, from Shighatini, 35 years of teaching, his second Mwangaza seminar

"Because of what I have been taught at Mwangaza seminars, I have learned to change my lessons to help students with different abilities." —Anna Urasa, from Masama Girls' School, 8 years of teaching, her third Mwangaza seminar

Teacher Seminar Mwangaza"After this year's seminars, I still have to say that Mwangaza has a huge impact on the teachers and students' academic progress. The good thing is that the government is slowly adopting strategies similar to Mwangaza's. For instance, the new textbooks are more interactive, and objectives are stated at the beginning of each lesson." —John Kavishe, from Lushoto, Mwangaza Centre coordinator

"Mwangaza has changed my way of teaching from a teacher who dominates a classroom to teacher who is more a learning partner. Mwangaza's seminars are more challenging since they show us how to make a teaching plan even in the absence of adequate teaching materials. Mwangaza has tested me emotionally, mentally, and physically, having helped me acquire skills that I will have forever which no one will be able to take away from me. I am proud to say that I have grown to be a better teacher than in past years because of these Mwangaza seminars!" —E-mail from a seminar participant received by Ron Henning, Crystal Lake, IL, U.S. Mwangaza volunteer

". . . .John Kavishe handed me a new syllabus for social studies which now states that all teachers should use a teaching strategy called Think, Pair, Share. He whispered, 'Do you remember showing us how to do this on your first visit?' We both smile and remember our attempts with biology and chemistry teachers in 2007." —Donna Engel, Channahon, Illinois, U.S. Mwangaza volunteer

Education Partnership"At Mwangaza, I have the opportunity to share some of the instructional and literacy knowledge I've gained over the past decade, but my sharing with Tanzanian teachers teaches me much more—about the relativity of struggle, the randomness of privilege and the power of relationships built upon a common foundation in Christ. These do not get lost in translation, regardless of wide linguistic or cultural gaps, but are moments of peering through a reflective cultural and relational window that allow me to see myself, my values, and the commonality of people in sharper contrast." —Phil Wilder, Champaign, IL, U.S. Mwangaza volunteer

"Binti-Mama participants have said that Mwangaza training has empowered them to speak out on important issues. They celebrate new understandings related to women's life cycle, rape, violence against women, family planning, and gender awareness. Resulting from all this, women have noted positive changes within the family, work and equity within the household, as well as legal issues, especially regarding inheritance." —Jim Talarico, Shorewood, IL, U.S. Mwangaza volunteer

Binti-Mama"My father divided land equally between both girls and boys in my family. My brothers thought this was wrong; I felt the same. But when Mwangaza taught us information regarding land issues, I learned I also had rights to claim land."—A Binti-Mama participant

"Ten years of integrating HIV/AIDS information into all our programs has challenged our understanding of 'life skills': how to break the silence of stigma and abuse, how to promote advocacy for the vulnerable, and how to initiate conflict resolution are questions that require creative and innovative processes." —Dr. Shoonie Hartwig, Roseville, MN, Mwangaza consultant

"Mwangaza's role as an educating organization within the ELCT is critical. Our outreach extends to all regions of Tanzania. Our seminar format teaches participants how to teach others when they return to their respective areas. Our participatory process has earned respect; our teaching space is known to be trusted and safe. Evaluations from all programs show an increasing call for this life-giving information." —Dr. Shoonie Hartwig, Roseville, MN, Mwwangaza consultant

Regarding mini-books developed by the Mwangaza staff for an HIV/AIDS peer training workshop – "It was exciting to see how the students were more engaged in discussion and participating in answering questions because of these books. The topic of drugs and drug abuse as well as the process of setting goals as a way of thinking about the future were new for many students!" —John Kavishe, Mwangaza coordinator who facilitated HIV/AIDS workshop in Ulanga Kilombero

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