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Individuals, Bequests, Churches, Synods, and Foundations: Mwangaza's U.S. financial supporters Hail from Hawaii to New York, Minnesota to Texas! Asanteni Sana!

Though there is disagreement on the date of "National Thank You Day" in September, there is agreement on this:
January is "National Thank You Month." For Friends of Mwangaza, the timing is perfect, giving us a chance to close the books at the end of our fiscal year (January 31) and express our heartfelt thanks to those who financially support our partnership.

Of course, saying thanks to all in Swahili makes it even more official, and so we do: "Asanteni sana!"
The continued support of our U.S. constituents broadens their own world view while at the same time creating opportunities for life-changing learning throughout Tanzanian communities.
We take this opportunity to publicly thank all of you!

Reports from the field

Take a look at the most recent reports:

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2016 Community Health Training (March)

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2016 Science Training Seminar

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