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Stories | Binti-Mama Participants

A teenage girl said this following training at Mwangaza. "I'm only 15 years old, but when I go home to my village, even some of the elders come to me with questions about HIV especially. Suddenly, I'm an authority. I am so honored."

Clutching the packet of mini-books used in the seminar, a woman asked, "Do we have to give these back?" Taken by surprise, Salome said, "Oh no, these are yours to keep and you'll get more to take home for those you teach." And then the room erupted in the women trilling their voices in exultation.

"You know," said a teenager at training, "these subjects about early pregnancies, rape and other acts of violence, we've never before even dared to speak out loud about this. But now, gradually, I will have confidence!"

An older woman after a session on women's life cycle, "If I'd only understood these things about my body when I was much younger!"

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