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Stories | Teacher Marieth Mlay

A veteran teacher of thirty-three years is Marieth Mlay of Enaboishu Secondary School. Only fourteen percent of the Form I students at her school scored above 60% on the English language assessment given by Mwangaza. "I'm not discouraged by my students' lack of English skills as much as I am challenged by it," Marieth remarked.

teacher Marieth MlayShe participated in the seminar recently presented at Mwangaza so she could help mentor younger teachers at her school. She found building on background information (helping students make connections between what they already know and new information) especially helpful. She also noted the importance of helping students move from the informal language of a topic to more specialized technical vocabulary.

Marieth shared, "There's more to education than just finishing the syllabus. Teachers must be committed to going step-by-step as we have learned at Mwangaza seminars."

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