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Stories | Teacher Elidaima F. Mbise

teacher MbiseMwangaza makes a difference in teachers' lives not only by increasing their arsenal of teaching techniques, but also by changing the way they feel about themselves. Case in point: Mr. Elidaima F. Mbise, 43, a twelve-year veteran of teaching mathematics in Lutheran church-managed schools. "The students need to be taught by different strategies," he said, firmly. "I now know how to involve students from the start to the end."

Equally important, he has a different attitude about himself, due, in part, to the responsibility of being in a leadership position for Mwangaza, being one of a select group of teachers who can teach these techniques to colleagues across the nation. "I'm now comfortable with leadership. At first I felt worried, but as time went on, I felt ok. I now have the confidence," he stated.

"Before I heard of Mwangaza in 1998, I lectured, and students listened," he admited, his eyes cast downward. "I thought I was the source of all knowledge. I have come to know that teachers and students are all learners, that we are learning from each other."

Each of the chairs, desks, handouts, buildings, and all that Mwangaza is in Tanzania, is supported by people elsewhere. What could these supportive people be saying? Mr. Mbise ventured, "They want Tanzanian teachers to develop professionally, and they believe in us. I would ask they continue to support because Mwangaza is doing wonderful work. Donors' money is not getting lost," he stated.

"It's like a seed that is planted. And it will grow. I would say to them that we are the fruits of your seed," he declared, completing the analogy.


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